austin spare on self-love

The Doctrine of Eternal Self-Love.

Now self-love is explained. It is the completion of belief. The “self” is the “Neither-Neither,” nothing omitted, indissoluble, beyond prepossession; dissociation of conception by its own invincible love is the only true, safe, and free. The desire, will, and belief ceasing to exist as separate. Attraction, repulsion, and control self contained, they become the original unity, inert in pleasure. There is no duality. There is no desire for unity. At that time, it (the dual principle) rests in its unmodified state. The belief no longer subject to conception by conceiving “self” as such by loving. At other times, it creates a centre, becomes its environment, identified with its ramifications, conception created, subjection to law and the insatiable desire for unity, inasmuch as the duality is unity. Servitude to law is the hatred of Heaven. Self-love only is the eternal all pleasing, by meditation on this effulgent self which is mystic joyousness. At that time of bliss, he is punctual to his imagination, in that day what happiness is his! A lusty innocent, beyond sin, without hurt! Balanced by an emotion, a refraction of his ecstasy is all that he is conscious of as external. His vacuity causes double refraction, “He,” the self-effulgent lightens in the Ego. Beyond law and the guest at the “Feast of the Supersensualists.” He has power over life and death. Save by this, he is not beyond self-reproach, verily he has loosed all the trouble of the world, the murder from the lightning. Self-love preventing the mind from concentration, is identity without form, is no thought as such; law and external influences contained, do not affect. When that giving up all belief, reflects only its meaning, then is there purity of vision, innocence of touch, ergo, self-love. Verily, verily men are born, suffer and die through their belief. Ejaculation is death. Self-love is preservation and life.

14: It the “Neither-Neither” emanates tetragrammaton of relatives, the sexes of which are evolved through their cruciform reflection and are elusive to identity. In their XXXX they produce unity XXXXX XXXXX conception. Ego generating by subdivision they embrace eternity, in their manifold ramifications is law.

15: i.e. his rainbow.

16: Chapter on self-attraction omitted.

17: This is the test. The one who doubt would naturally submit himself.

Man to invoke pleasure in his choice, subtracts from desire, his desire is partial desire, becomes sub-duple (conflict), never is his energy full. Having no true focus, he is deceived in his strength and attains a pure measure of pleasure from his body. In success how heavy is his sentence! Pleasure becomes the illusion. Through dire necessity, “his means,” he is bound to its cause and effect, and becomes a holcaust on the pyre of sentiment. This self-love is the only full energy, all else a wrapping of dissatisfaction, the hypothesis of desires which obscures.
Man in the misery of his illusions and unsatisfied desires, wings his flight to different religions, and doctrines, seeks redeception, a hypnotic, a palliative from which he suffers fresh miseries in exhaustion. The terms of the cure are new illusions, greater entanglement, more stagnant environment.
Having studied all ways and means to pleasure and pondered over them well again and again, this self-love has been found by me to be the only free, true and full one, nothing more sane, pure, and complete. There is no deceit: when by this all experience certainly is known, everything sublimely beautiful and exceedingly amiable: where is the necessity of other means? Like the drink to the drunkard everything should be sacrificed for it. This Self-love is now declared by me the means of evolving millions of ideas for pleasure without love, or its synonyms- self-reproach, sickness, old-age, and death. The Symposium of self and love. O! Wise Man, Please Thyself.