Excerpts from Roberto Bolaño’s collection of poetry, Tres.


32. I dreamt I was dreaming and I came home

too late. In my bed I found Mário de Sá-Carneiro

sleeping with my first love. When I uncovered them

I found they were dead and, biting my lips till they

bled, I went back to the streets.



36. I dreamt I was 69ing with Anaïs Nin on an

enormous basaltic flagstone.


37. I dreamt I was fucking Carson McCullers in a

dim-lit room in the spring of 1981. And we both felt

irrationally happy.



42. I dreamt I was 18 and saw my best friend at

the time, who was also 18, making love to Walt

Whitman. They did it in an armchair, contemplating

the stormy Civitavecchia sunset.



44. I dreamt I was translating the Marquis de Sade

with axe blows. I’d gone crazy and was living in the



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