corporeal femme

30da7590495f70b844ba209f8250bf3aI’m a complete “airy fairy” these days.  I was diagnosed with ADHD this year, although I always knew I had it, so actually, I can say I started medication this year.  Starting meds after decades of refusing it, or rebelling against it, or being skeptical about it…it’s a BIG switch.

So the light did go on and many parts of my brain are appreciative and eager receptors of new information now. And of course the elevated dopamine levels in my body changes me and the world outside of myself drastically. A grand shift, I believe, to new understanding. I’ve never been so in tune and open to nature.

So now my tendencies to lean towards ‘new age’ ideas and practices, are also elevated.  That is also perhaps why my blogs have been quiet…I produce very little art when I am not tormented. Lately I’ve been busy teaching and studying and finding ways to incorporate certain metaphysical aspects in my art lessons.

I’ve been a practicing fine artist for almost twenty years now and I’m wondering if this hasn’t really been twenty years of non-chemical therapy; twenty years of low dopamine levels and blocked up chakras.


Ritalin, hypnotherapy and magick have brought on a massive paradigm shift in my life. So bear with me if my posts are going towards a new wave, as I move away from the rawness into something slightly more ethereal and esoteric.

As a feminist, new age spirituality  has always been a direction I was hesitant to go towards. I don’t care for the cheesy, blingy spiritual wall art and fantastical imagery of goddesses and angels. This blog will surely still touch on the real, the corporeal…but Corporeal Femme is opening her third eye nice and wide.



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