Dear Fake Person,

I think it’s absolutely hysterical.

A spectacle, really. If you know you are a voyeur, a perve, why expose yourself? It’s too absurd. Now I see your photos in the news and I see these tannies swooning over you on social media.

Are you not afraid that one of your forbidden conquests might leave a comment on one of these kiekies and expose you for the absolute perve you are? Are you not afraid of the past catching up on you; afraid of your dark side stealing your limelight?

Voyeurs should stay behind the cloakroom curtains, my friend.  Dark horse voyeurs should take a walk in the woods, write ‘poes’ in the snow, read poetry and stare at young, skinny girls in coffee shops. I fear for you there, under the lights.

You did show me a human side, once, long long ago. That glimpse is the only thing that actually makes me care at all.

Well I always searched for ways to forget about our encounters. Your identity (or lack of one) is perhaps my final ticket out of the space where we once found common ground.

But the question remains: what kept you interested in my art and perhaps my life for so long? It’s not my ‘imperfect body’ as you mentioned, or my ‘imperfect face’. It’s not my ‘ugly’ art and my raw emotional tantrums. What is it that you wanted from me?

The only thing someone like me can ever give someone like you is honesty and perhaps some kind of fucked up friendship. And for a person that apparently has everything, I’m sure you don’t need anything I can ever possibly offer you.

It really is time to say goodbye for good. It would be like losing a suitcase at the airport and realizing you can actually do without the contents and that it was, in fact, just cluttering up your room.

The chaos magicians believe you can banish evil, or anything you’d like really,  by laughing out loud. Maybe now I will take one more look at the fake world you live in and laugh, and banish you forever.


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