this post is not for you (or is it?)

This blog is quite personal. It’s mostly a diary for therapeutic reasons, really, and some art here and there…The thing is some of my readers might think that I write about them when I post something. It’s quite strange, it brings a weird dynamic to the way I have to write things, or express myself, I almost feel I have to filter my posts and that is just not my style.

I draw inspiration from my life to create art; to create this silly little blog. A person in a supermarket might tell me a short story in the queue and I could post something related to that. Or I could watch a movie and a scene could remind of something that happened to me and then I could write something about it etc.

I knew a person who thought all my posts were about him and I got really angry at the idea that I have such self-centered readers. But then I thought about it again and I decided that people who think the posts are for them, or about them: is it such a bad thing?

If someone thinks a post is for them, they might reflect upon something they wouldn’t have, or they might feel a connection to the blog thinking they are characters who feature on the blog, or get some value out of simply thinking I am writing about them.

The web is a very ambiguous place and I’ve had contact with many many people online. Some of my deepest and most meaningful connections were with people I met online (many are my best friends today in ‘real life’ and many are still internet connections), so my posts also carry a real ambiguity.

I think all my words above is a well thought out, diplomatic piece of text that could have replaced a spontaneous and not so diplomatic sentence I recently wrote to someone which was: “You egotistical asshole, not everything I write is about you.”

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