The other day my therapist and I discussed how alcohol works on some people. How some people can be soft and sweet until they take a drink, then the monster is unleashed. So then those people best stay away from alcohol, so that they can be good people. And usually those people bump their heads time and time again, even after long periods of abstinence. You can’t exactly go live on a planet where no alcohol exists, if one could, that would be a sure way of beating the problem.

I also have that problem, but not with alcohol. Some people have that effect on me (usually hypocrites, or people who don’t understand what I am made of, or people who think they are better than others). The problem is you can try and stay away from certain people but what way is that to live?  The other day in class I pulled a boy aside who is forever fighting with all that lives and breathes. I told him that the problem is not with the world around him, that the problem is inside himself and if he can fix the problem inside himself, the whole world would change.

I have mended every single shattered relationship I needed to mend during the last five months. I contacted people whom I haven’t spoken with for years and made my peace with people I thought I would never speak to again. It is truly a wonderful feeling, knowing that the tension of broken relationships are lifting.

But certain people really are poison. They could be beautiful humans, but the minute you have contact with them you turn bad. Kind of like a beautiful gemstone placed in water to make an elixir: it can either heal you or kill you.

And no matter from what angel you view the situation, no matter how badly you would like to have beautiful relationships with all people, some, are just poison.