on beauty

17-bour-4336-CB_LGSanity is a vague term. I think I might be losing my mind. I’m society-sick and I have no time for taking my meds (producing art) and I’m walking on the edge here. It’s beautiful. When you stand on cliffs your periphery expands and although I’m tense thinking about how far down it is, it’s still beautiful. So when one falls, or jumps, or tilts over, or whatever happens before you catch yourself in mid air…it’s still beautiful. We let go of many things then, when our feet leave the edge, we let go of our hopes and dreams and we let go of love. Sanity, of course, is long gone. Left that one first of all. But in mid air, it’s beautiful. So beauty is perhaps the only thing we hold onto right up until the very very end.