the other side of the lens

When I was in Cape Town recently, I had a short session with wonderful photographer and dear friend Niklas Zimmer. It is not my place, in front of the lens. I mean, of course it is my place, I’m in front of it all the time, but only when I am also behind the lens, directing myself. It was an uncomfortable exercise, ‘posing’ when it’s not me in control. It was wonderful though and it really gave a whole new dimension to what I am usually doing photographically. Love it. Big thanks to Niklas, who really is an inspiration. Check out Niklas’ work here: (1)
NiklasZimmer_DSF3453-web NiklasZimmer_DSF3462-web NiklasZimmer-_DSF3491-web NiklasZimmer-_DSF3501-web