embodied spaces at framer framed

Framer Framed is pleased to announce Embodied Spaces, an exhibition curated by Christine Eyene, featuring works by Delaine Le Bas (United Kingdom), Jeannette Ehlers (Trinidad/Denmark), Cecilia Ferreira (South Africa), Lisa Hilli (Papua New Guinea/Australia), Evan Ifekoya (Nigeria/United Kingdom), Hélène Jayet (Mali/France), Patricia Kaersenhout (Netherlands), Euridice Kala (Mozambique/South Africa), Shigeyuki Kihara (Samoa/New Zealand), Ope Lori (United Kingdom), Susan Walsh (United Kingdom) and Alberta Whittle (Barbados/South Africa).

In this exhibition, Eyene continues an on-going dialogue with women and queer artists addressing the body, sexuality, gender, Black and Romani cultural identities in their work.

Consisting predominantly of works of a personal or intimate nature, the project takes on a double approach, engaging with the idea that ‘the personal is political’ – as attributed to feminist artist Carol Hanisch in the late 1960s – and extending this assertion to the notion that the political belongs in the public sphere. The concept also draws from the notion of ‘non-places’ defined by French anthropologist Marc Augé in Non-Lieux: Introduction à une Anthropologie de la Surmodernité (1992) who reflected on public places that hold no significance other than infrastructural, places of passing, of transience. Temporarily experienced, these spaces are also the location of parallel forms of existence and creativity.

Embodied Spaces seeks to make analogies between ‘non-places’ and marginalised or underground cultural productions, echoing Framer Framed’s commitment to challenge a Eurocentric, normative, canonic vision of contemporary art and culture. The exhibition will engage with the context and structure of the Tolhuistuin. Art pieces will also be placed in non-art-dedicated spaces within the venue, creating links between their content and location.

Embodied Spaces follows from previous editorial and curatorial projects involving women artists from Africa and the diaspora, notably Women Speak Out (Galerie Le Manège, Dakar, 2011; Fondation Blachère residency in Douala and exhibition in Apt, 2014-2015), and WHERE WE’RE AT! Other Voices on Gender (Bozar, Brussels, 2014).

Alongside the exhibitions are planned a series of public events which will be announced soon.