“Exchanges” by Joyce Polance

imag000ggg  imag002gg” My paintings depict emotions and complexities that ensue in intimate relationships, including jealousy, tenderness, sadness, anger, and loneliness. In recent work, I have moved away from realism – both in painting style and in the literal definition of “relationships.” Frequently, the subject is alone, her emotions dictated by a response to others who may not be physically represented on the canvas, but whose presence is suggested by highly animated negative spaces that partially merge with the figures.

The thick, layered application of paint is meant to create an arresting visual presence echoing the internal strength of the figures. I often paint the women naked to depict their willingness to be exposed while simultaneously embracing their feelings, bodies and sexuality – finding their own power through vulnerability.

My most recent work has also become an exploration of the dichotomy between chaos and control in the physical process of painting. At some point during the formation of a painting, I throw myself into the work (using brushes or my fingers) with abandonment, in a manner that feels out-of-control. I become willing to destroy that which I have just created, but allow for something entirely new to emerge. The challenge then is to apply enough restraint to pull the painting back together. This dual process may occur multiple times during the creation of a piece, removing the painting even further from reality. Rather than conveying a specific narrative, my aim is to capture an energy, a feeling… a moment.”imag000imag001