The Miss America Protest: 1968

No More Miss America! — Announcement and statement from Atlantic City, 1968

 1968-09 miss america protest replace with captionWomen’s Liberation organizers disrupt the live telecast of the Miss
America Pageant in Atlantic City.
(Photo source: Sisterhood is Powerful, 1970)

Women picket on the Atlantic City boardwalk.
(photo source: Wide World Photos from the Liberated Woman’s Songbook 1971)

“I also attended the Atlantic City Beauty Contest protest, which was the best fun I can imagine anyone wanting to have on any single day of her life.  It was very brazen and very brash, and there were some arrests–Peggy Dobbins was charged with releasing a stink bomb.  No bras were burned, though; that was a media invention…

–Flo Kennedy, Color Me Flo, My Hard Life and Good Times, 1976

 (Photo source: Color Me Flo, My Hard Life and Good Times, 1976)
 Leah Fritz and Florika are to the left of the giant Miss America puppet.
Flo Kennedy, in a white pantsuit, is on the right.
(Photo source: Tamiment Institute Library, New York University,
Liberation News Service Collection)
Carol Hanisch, one of the editors of Feminist Revolution (left) and
Carol Giardina, who drove up from Florida (right) at the Miss America
protest in Atlantic City.
(Photo Source: Voices of Feminism, 1996; Archive Photos/Fotos International)