“here, now”

These photos were taken by my 4 year old, Cyan. We were laughing as I was making all kinds of ‘fitness’ poses. Something struck me about the expressions in my face in these photos: happiness. Not the kind of happiness that is due to love, or success, or money, or spiritual elevations, but happiness due to just being alive, breathing, workin it. It’s not an awareness defined by the spirit or a soaring mind, it’s the kind that’s defined by being present in your body. Here, now, muscle, bone, blood, breath, sweat, shivers…a friend of mine who suffers from depression tells me why she’s a fitness person, “it’s the only time of the day when I forget about everything else.” It’s  wonderful shutting off the mind and listening to the body. Somewhere in my mind I draw a connection between fitness and birth, sort of like we are born, we wriggle and roll and crawl and stay really active and then somewhere around midlife it’s easy to slow down and become less alive. So nice to be alive, “here, now.”