tracey emin’s neon signs



“People like you need to fuck people like me,” bluntly reads one of Emin’s neon works, done in a script reminiscent of her drawing style. Many of her other neon works are less confrontational, but all are still extremely personal. Each includes a deeply heartfelt message about love nearly always tinged with sadness or anger—they might be seen as a more honest version of the sort of aphorisms found in Valentine’s Day cards. The medium alludes to the neon signs of Margate, adding a layer autobiography to the works.

Tracey-Emin-at-The-White--001 Tracey-Emin-–-I-Listen-to-the-Ocean-and-All-I-Hear-is-You Tracey-Emin-Its-not-me-Thats-Crying-Its-my-Soul-neon-150x90cm-2011-Artist-Proof tumblr_lzetsjO0qA1r2ysm3o1_1280 __TE_Legs_IV_purple_hr0 5714558716_731f654cca i keep believing img_1262 keep-me-safe Lisanna_Wallance_Modearte_Tracey_Emin_NeonSigns_14 ref102tw109 020