on video editing

Lately, my videos attract the attention of curators.

I use the most basic of programs, Windows Movie Maker. Yes. Windows Movie Maker. I know. It’s what kids use when they are learning the basics.

Last night, when I was editing a video with this program, I told someone how frustrated I am with my limiting video editing tools. I should upgrade, I should really start taking my videos to another level.

However, what if the magic in my videos lies exactly in the fact that it is so basic and raw? What if, the day I end up with some fancy editing tools, I stop projecting my imagery with something unidentifiable which it contains now?

I was moved by the idea that ‘holding back’, or being limited, can be in fact showing more, or projecting better, because limitations never crossed my mind as a liberating, or widening factor.

black-bird-10 Still from Black Bird, 2011, 1:19 min.