7 lessons to my daughters

1. Never make an object of your body, as it is tightly tied to your soul. Even if you make an object of your body for you own pleasure and satisfaction, it will backfire, as true as flesh is flesh and bone is bone.

2. Never give your body (even on a virtual or visual level) to any person who is obsessed with physical beauty.  Your beauty is not a gift to give away.  It belongs to you and you only. The right person to give your body to is one who is in touch with spirit, soul and magic. These ones will treasure you and make a queen out of you even when and if your beauty fades. The plastic ones, they are the devil. Your beauty is their cruelty.

3. Love yourself above all. It is impossible to love others if you do not love and take care of yourself. If it doesn’t work for you, if it makes you uncomfortable, or if it hurts, toss it.

4. Be true to yourself. Never try and be someone you are not. Never try and portray yourself as someone you are not, not on social media, not in conversation, not in professional spaces, not anywhere. If you lie to yourself, you will have to keep lying to the world for the rest of your life.

5. Don’t play with someones heart, it’s not a toy. People are not things.  Never use another human being for your own fleeting needs. It will probably come back to you threefold if you deliberately crush another person’s heart.

6. Your body is a temple, never, ever hate it. You body will create and house human beings, your stomach will stretch and sag and your hips will expand. The life might be sucked right out of your lively tits. Your cunt will stretch, or your once beautiful abdomen will be cut open and perhaps be badly closed again.  Whatever your life might be, or whatever toll your life takes on you body, you can never, ever hate your body. It is sacred. Do strive to be healthy, try to stay fit. Do what you have to do, but never, ever hate your body. If anybody makes you hate it, toss ’em. They’re the devil.

7. Always be aware of the unreal, the untrue and the unbelievable. Analyze it carefully. Illusions are generally great for art and imagination, but for bodies, hearts and emotions they are dangerous, dangerous concepts.