aurelien juner’s gloss magazine manipulations

“Aurelien Juner, a young artist and designer from Bordeaux, currently living in Barcelona, indulges himself in the creative contamination of diversified artistic disciplines. As part of his proper exploration of order/disorder, and of the relationship between image/graphics, he conceived a series of photos called SURFACE. Surface is a reflection on the role of fashion magazines on the dissemination of images and the way those images are interconnected with reality. As Juner explains, it is an attempt to question the fictional and idealized world created by magazines, in relation with the real world where the image is constructed. Juner’s work commences with a magazine cover placed on white background and then his artistic intervention, despite its being inspired by the original cover,  conveys a completely new meaning. Sometimes, the cover is placed in an everyday life scene, for example between a donut and a coffee mug, sometimes it is repainted, burnt, re-cut and reworked on with a variety of techniques. When the composition is finalised, Aurelien Juner takes a new picture that, as he poignantly points out, symbolizes the return to the ‘mass culture’ the original cover belonged to. His goal is to open, in this way, a dialogue between the image and the viewer that finds him/herself between the original cover and the final artwork.

Juner’s work is an interesting attempt to challenge the birth of an image, its broader use in mass media culture and its influence on our perception of our reality. His distorted images are original pieces of art that add a new dimension to the familiar use of magazines. More than that, his excellent composition skills and vivid imagination give a new meaning to still life photography, following the tradition of artists who create photos rather than take them. We invite you to enjoy Aurelien Juner’s exotic imagery, and we are absolutely convinced that he is more than a pleasant surprise with his imaginative take on mass culture.”Aurelien-Juner-Surface-Grateful-Grapefruit-02 (1) Aurelien-Juner-surface-yatzer-2 Aurelien-Juner-surface-yatzer-3 Aurelien-Juner-surface-yatzer-9 Aurelien-Juner-surface-yatzer-12 couv1 couv5 couv8 couv10 couv18

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