bloody pause by astra


image cecilia ferreira,

poem by astra from “In the pink, the raving beauties choose poems from the show” 1983

this menopause of mine
pauses too frequently
to render me much service:
i want my bloodletting to be gone
after three decades of woman’s potency

my cycles are sufficient now
just as they are;
my womb is seasoned
my tubes tied
my ovum spent
my cervix settling down for better things

yet i still bleed from time to time-
only smears and stains
but still escorted by pains and aches
before the blood begins and even afterwards:
my pace slackens
my stomach swells
my shoulders stiffen
my eyelids shut

mistakenly i had assumed
my clockwork periods
had come full circle-
that i could pacify the goddess otherwise-
with poetry perhaps-
so i shall offer up this bloody piece to her

and pause a while

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