going on

I’m contemplating making contact with people I have lost contact with. All of them. Whether we had a fight, whether we were poison to each other, whether we just drifted apart for no real reason. Maybe I should make it a nice E-mail with all the names together, and send it off like some spam message of the soul. What would I say? “How are you?” Or, “Long time”, or “Sorry for being an ass” or “I miss you.” Or maybe I should just concentrate on ‘real’ people and leave out the virtuals, the ones I’ve only known online. Then again, I’ve never seen such a big difference between the effect of the virtuals on my life compared to “real” people. Some virtuals have left me phsyically sobbing, laughing, even coming. Or should I just let it be, let it go. And what if I send off this e mail to them all…what if there’s no reply? Will I cry? Will I shut off? Will I feel loss? Will I take a sip of coffee and go on with my day?

2 thoughts on “going on

  1. Hello cecilia,
    I will tell you a surprise: I have read your message on your site! Then I must be your “hero” and tell you that you exist for me yet! Give me news about you I like to be in contact with you without bad intention (despite nothing is possible we are separated by a too great distance!). What are your new projects? And so on.
    Big kiss


  2. Hi david
    Good to hear from you. No new projects, as I am spending much time teaching art to children at the moment. I do miss creating, but I find teaching a hundred fold more fulfilling. I am giving up on a dream I once had to be a big artist. Instead I’m focusing on making big dreams for children through art.keep well david.


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