ida applebroog

“In 1969 Ms. Applebroog, then known by her married name, Ida Horowitz, was a mother of four, a native New Yorker living unhappily in San Diego, where her husband had moved the family to accept an academic position. Ms. Applebroog had been struggling to make a name for herself as an artist and struggling with depression. Her only sanctuary in her chaotic household came at night, when she shut herself in the bathroom and climbed into the tub.

Over a period of several weeks just before her 40th birthday, she took a sketch pad into the bathroom with her too and perched in front of a full-length mirror, making obsessive self-portraits, more than 150 in all, but portraits focused exclusively on her naked crotch. The drawings — like a long series of practice sketches for Courbet’s “Origin of the World,” except in this instance made by the owner of the crotch — were done in India ink with a crow-quill pen, each one an elegant variation, depending on her mood or the state of her body. (When asked recently what was going through her mind as she was making these drawings, she just flashed a defiant smile and wagged a finger at her questioner.)”

-part of an article found here




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