chewing the fat


I received my copy of “Chewing the fat” (the poetry collection I provided the cover art for )yesterday in the post…man, what an awesome collection of poems. It’s edited by Cetywa Powell. I expected nothing less from Underground Voices. I highly recommend this collection, but if you’re into pretty poems and la-la verse, best not to obtain this one. Buy it here.

(Here is one of favourites, by RC EDRINGTON:)

Pornographic Novel

The way a drunken cock
sadly begs for penetration,
she pokes the syringe
up and down the worn veins
in her frail tattooed arm.

From the bedroom window,
I am left alone to witness
the whispering wound of moonlight
bleed shadows thru
cottonwood branches
clinging like black fishnet stockings
to midnights bruised thighs.

Once there was love
which passed between us,
where now there is only silence…
and her love was like
a windowless basement
on a storm raped night,
nothing existed outside
its womb like darkness.
But this shelter has begun to cave
like the veins which scar her arms,
and now I’m trapped
within this tomb-like loneliness
searching for an exit door
that may no longer even exist.

In the alley below,
a vietnam veteran in bell bottom jeans
sips the nectar of muse
from a brown papered bag,
then fades into the rear doorway
of an adult movie house
where for .25 cents he’ll receive
enough inspiration
to make a metaphor of his hand.

And I wonder,
if her desire to touch me
will ever again be as strong
as her need for a fix right now,
or will she just continue
to pantomime her emotions
like a seasoned porno star.

3 thoughts on “chewing the fat

  1. poetry, to me, often is imagery and vice versa. the line between the two is very fragile and too timid to reflect any kind of black or white destinction. I’ve always loved your writing, sandeno. And I love your opinions, though often I find myself in disagreement with you.xx


  2. can you show me an example of what you might call a poem? (not that your comment above isn’t one as well, so beautifully written), but an example of a poet you admire, perhaps?


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