The Eyrie series which was exhibited in White River and in Cape Town in 2010 is not whole anymore. Half of the works are in Mozambique and some were sold, some were given away…the handful of Eyrie works that are with me, will be exhibited within the next six months in the Ron Belling Gallery in Park Drive, Port Elizabeth. I am looking forward to have one more Eyrie show, which would be very intimate and small. The remaining works would be for sale, although I explained to the curator that it’s most definitely not “lounge material”.

Unfortunately Mr. Joop Bersee and I are not on speaking terms anymore. The works were based on Bersee’s poetry collection. We are both far too turbulent to keep lids on our emotions and our paths separated, although Eyrie is still very much alive and still circuiting.

One of the Eyrie works will also be used towards the middle of the year for another publication by Underground Voices. This will be my second book cover for UV. The first cover was for Chewing the Fat.


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