I do not concern myself with artist-duties. It kills me, the duty part. I don´t believe I am an artist at all. I even hate the word. In Portuguese, the word `artista´ can mean many things, it can mean actress, or even con-artist. Ironically, I believe that a lot of people out there who call themselves artists are in fact false individuals that know how to speak ´art`. I delve into myself and the product of this dark excavation is not for sale. I don´t give a fuck if you, as a viewer, understand it or not. I look at hundreds of pieces of art on a daily basis that makes no sense to me at all, yet it hangs in some white cube and some pretentious rich fuck bought it because another pretentious intellectual fuck said it´s `good art´. It has turned into a spectacle, this artists duty, this artist´s ´role`.

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