plot: philes and phobias

Once I mentioned pornography in a discussion about sexual education for adolescents. I got the reply `porn is too violent, too offensive.´ My mind skipped to gore for a second. I find it fascinating how uncomfortable one can feel when confronted with images of dead people, or wounds, or autopsies. It´s very invasive, the sight of blood and bones; our secretions ; our flesh. What HORRID stuff we´re made out of! (That which we associate with death). Same goes for porn, the confrontation with ´private parts´ can be pretty nasty and confronting no matter how addictive it can be (That which we associate with reproduction and life).

I recall the first time I ever saw porn as quite alarming. I soon discovered porn had no narrative. It made no sense to me at a young age. So if you draw some kind of parallel between porn and gore, one can put splatter films, which thrives on a lack of plot and order one side and on the other side you have porn films, thriving on exactly the same thing. Arnzen argues that “the spectacle of violence replaces any pretentions to narrative structure, because gore is the only part of the film that is reliably consistent.” In porn the only thing consistent is the fucking. Does narrative disappear in the presence of raw life and death? Do we lose the plot when confronted with our deepest biological make up?

Watching pleasure, watching pain. Watching the act of reproduction and the act of mutilation. No wonder our brains are mixing things up. Diagnosis: philes and phobias. You can write many books about those.

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