the great masturbator by salvador dali

Despite the reigning darkness
the evening was still young
near the great stairway houses of agate
tired by the daylight
that lasted since sunrise
the Great Masturbator
his immense nose reclining upon the onyx floor
his enormous eyelids closed
his brow frightfully furrowed with wrinkles
and his neck swollen by the celebrated boil
seething with ants came to rest
steeped in this still too luminous time of the evening
while the membrane covering his mouth entirely
hardened alongside the alarming the eternal grasshopper
stuck clinging motionless to it
for five days and nights.
All the love and all the ecstasy
of the Great Masturbator
in the cruel ornaments of false gold
covering his delicate and soft temples
the shape of an imperial crown
whose fine leaves of bronzed acanthus
reached as far
as his rosy and beardless cheeks
and extended their hard fibers
until they dissolved
in the clear alabaster of his neck.

In order to obtain the icy appearance
of an ancient ornament of an uncertain and hybrid style
that would make possible an error
through mimeticism
of the complicated architecture of the alley
and in order to render the desirable horror of this fleshtriumphant,
stiff, belated,
exquisite, downcast,
marconized, beaten,
lapidated, devoured,
ornamented, punishedinvisible
or at least unperceived
by the human face
that resembles that of my mother …

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