My artistic process depends almost entirely on the relationship I have with the internet.I have been exhibiting my work online for six years. Considering myself an “Internet Diarist”, I post mostly autobiographical portrayals and confessional imagery for an online audience. The works are meant to be intimate peaks into my personal feminine day to day experiences. My work allows me to play around with an online persona and the idea of an alter ego. The immediacy of online exposure sets fire to quick bursts of mostly photographic experimentations.For any work of mine to come to a rapid full circle I need to conceptualize, create, upload, archive and expose online. The final action is often deletion of the image or denying public access by “erasing” the work.

the Chaos within reflects on how my self-portraiture becomes reliant on the persona or alter ego and cracking or detonating it time and again serves as an integral part of my creative process. I find meaning in the co-dependent relationship between creation and destruction, virtual reality being the
perfect platform for this process. ´the Chaos within´ was my first video-experiment, filmed with a webcam in 2009. It was a process consisting out of:

– An acrylic self portrait painting

– A performance

– A video

– The remains of the above, framed

© cecilia ferreira

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